Let’s take a step-by-step look at what we will do after downloading the application from the store.

Installing Control Child application on the child device;

If you want, you can only use this profile to apply and time limit using the application from the child’s device.

You can watch video about child profile and setup wizard
Control Child is free of charge and offers you the following features.

– Time limitation
– Application limitation
– Determining the opening and closing time of applications
– Determining weekday end-of-week usage
– Allow new application execution
– Usage information screen

Installing the Control Child application on the parent device;

We have prepared this option for parents who want to manage the child’s device remotely.
Parent can make application and time control from own device.

You can watch video about parent profile and setup wizard

The Control Child parental side will serve as a monthly or annual subscription after 14 days free trial.

– Remote monitoring of 3 children’s devices
– Seeing your child’s location information (for those who want to track where your child is)
– Sending an email to the usage report and setting the report sending time
– Applications Locking / Unlocking function (those who want to determine homework and meal times)
– Remote time limiting on child device (For children who spend most of their time on the phone)
– Remote application restriction on child device (for children who have constant application)
– Setting the applications opening and closing time (for children using the phone until late hours)
– Determining weekday and weekend usage
– Getting child device usage report
– Managing subscription settings
– Adding a picture of your child