Terms of Use

You are welcome to the Control Child website and the mobile application. If you use this site, you will be deemed to have accepted the following conditions. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not enter this site or uninstall Control Child mobile app.

Terms and conditions

1 - These terms and conditions will hereinafter be referred to as ("Terms" or "Condition/ Conditions"). The Terms govern the terms of use of the Control Child website and mobile application provided by JET Software, and the rights and obligations of the parties. Thereafter, JET Software ("we" or "us") will be referred to as Control Child application and website ("Software"). Control Child users will then be referred to as ("user" or "users").
2 - You hereby agree that you have read, understood and accepted these Terms which were made available to you before starting to use the Software . These Terms (including Privacy Policy) also apply to the Software  which is available in the applicable google play store.
3 - Use of the Software implies your acceptance of notices, use regulations and instructions made known to you by the us following acceptance of these Terms; non-acceptance will lead to the termination of the services.
4 - The User accepts that he/she is aware that the Software he/she is using may interfere with the operation of the mobile device, and therefore the Device may not operate and he/she may experience underperformance. The User is solely liable for inspecting whether the Device and other Software and applications on the Device have features that may interfere or limit the use of the Software. The User agrees that Software shall not be held liable and he/she shall be solely responsible in the event that he/she does not exercise such inspections or even though he/she does so, that the use of the Device interlocks
5 - The User shall bear any legal, administrative and criminal responsibility that may arise from the use of the Software. We shall not be held responsible, directly or indirectly for any manner whatsoever, for the damages that may be incurred by third parties in consequence of the activities of the User carried out via the Software.User to perform his/her obligations specified in the Terms shall be recoursed to the User.

6-Full use of Software requires internet access and certain software may need updates; and may be affected by the performance of these factors. We do not guarantee any third party product or service offering, and no purchase or obtaining of any third party product or service shall be construed to represent or guarantee your access to Software. The provider of internet access for your device may charge you fees in connection with your use of Software. You are solely responsible for any internet access fees or other charges you incur.
7 - Billing payments and prices are defined at Google's Play Store; It is distributed according to Google's requirements at https://play.google.com/about/play-terms.html. The application is free and there are in-app purchases. The user acknowledges and agrees that we will always be able to unilaterally change our application price and in-app prices, campaigns and packages, update and update implementation information regularly.
8 - By downloading or using any services related to Software, you represent and warrant that you are legally permitted to install Software on all devices for which you install Software. Software is a tool for users to monitor and control activity performed on devices on which Software has been installed. The usage of Software is entirely the responsibility of the users. We have no responsibility for the level of usage or limitations defined by the users of Software. We are not responsible in any way whatsoever for any loss of usage time, availability or access to devices in which Software is active. For the avoidance of doubt you will inform all other persons who use devices for which Software has been installed as a result of your purchase that: Software is monitoring the usage on that device, Software will run continuously in the background and you are in control of usage time, availability and access to said device as well as all other features that make up Software.It is the responsibility of the user, including any problems that may arise with your device due to the use of the software, and subsequent resetting to factory settings.The user acknowledges, declares and undertakes that we can not be compensated whatever we are under.
9 - A personal, non-transferable license is integrated into the parental control solution Software,for you by Software.This license is intended to allow you to use and benefit from the service provided by Software.You are not authorised to copy, modify, distribute, sell or rent all or part of our software. Likewise, you may not decompile or otherwise attempt to extract the source code of the software. Software is constantly changing and improving its service. Thus we may add, edit or remove features. Software reserves the right to cease providing you all or part of the service, or add or create new limits to the use of this service at any time.
10- The User shall not lend such right, provide for the use of third parties (individual, organization, corporation, company etc.) at cost like renting or at no cost, and make such right available to third parties. Within this framework, it shall be strictly prohibited to copy or reproduce the information, content and/or software, use such information, content and/or software beyond the scope stated in these Terms and distribute, or process such information, content and/or software. The User shall also be strictly prohibited from carrying out activities that may threaten the Software, and/or cause damage to the Software, other user.

The following activities are strictly forbidden;

- Make any attempts that may hamper the operation of Software with respect to the Software or other Users’ use of the Software, or put disproportionate load to the system or software which may cause the aforementioned problems.
- Gain unauthorized access to the information published on the Software and/or inputted by other persons to the Software, or to the source codes of the Software or Software’s.
- it shall be strictly prohibited copy, remove, change said information or make any attempts to do so.
- Use any software that may restrain the operation of the Software make any attempts to use such software or disrupt the operation of any kinds of software, hardware and servers, cause breakdown of such software, hardware and servers, reverse engineer, attack, keep occupied or interfere with such software, hardware and servers in any other manner.
- Endeavor to access the Software servers. The User agrees that he/she shall not compete with Software, Software in the abovementioned manners or by any other means, and that he/she shall not support third parties who intend to do so.

11- We shall not be responsible for;

(i) The use or misuse of the Software by the User, the results and damages resulting from the User’s failure to fulfill his/her commitment and obligations; special, accidental or consequential damages which may arise out of such failure; the resulting economic damages; all kinds of profit loss, data loss, business loss, loss of reputation, loss of expected savings, loss of income and all kinds of material and non-pecuniary damages, third party claims for indemnification;
(ii) All hardware, systems software/other software and network related function and defaults that might arise accordingly;
(iii) Defaults on the network, internet connection, design and connection;
(iv) All kinds of changes, updates and similar actions that might be made by the User or third parties on the Software;
(v) Damages arising from voltage fluctuation, electrical power cuts, virus attack, and similar environmental factors. The User agrees that in case of any interruption especially the internet cut off, he/she may not be able to use his/her Device in the usual way immediately, it may be required to restore the factory setting in order to use the Device in its usual way, and that in such case We shall not be liable for any loss or damages particularly the data loss.

12- features and other contents in the software are being offered “as is” and company does not provide any commitment or undertaking with regard to the authenticity, accuracy or security of such. furthermore, we disclaims all warranties, whether express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties and conditions of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose or use or non-breach. in any event, liability arising from these terms towards the users shall be limited to the total amount of the invoice issued in the event that the user is purchased a good or service.
13 - The User acknowledges that the Software may not be linked to any other internet sites and / or platforms that are not under our control, files or content, third party services may be offered, websites, or any other type of declaration or guarantee for information contained therein, web sites, files, content, services, products, or their contents.
14-The User acknowledges and declares that the availability and quality of the Software and contents provided via the Application substantially depend upon the service quality provided by the relevant Internet Service Provider and that We are not responsible for any problems arising from such service quality, that he/she is aware that the operation of the Software is not error free, and that malfunctions or blocked access may from time to time occur.
15 - We may suspend the User’s use and/or utilization of the Software temporarily or permanently in the event that the User fails to comply with these Terms and its annexes, the User’s activities constitute legal, technical and especially information security risks, the User harms the third parties’ individual and commercial rights or he/she breaches his/her obligations with respect to the Software.
16 - We shall be entitled to suspend or terminate the Software and/or these Terms at any time for a definite or indefinite period.
17 - The Software disclaims responsibility for any illegal use you make of the Services.
18 - With respect to the disputes that may arise regarding these Terms; provisions set out herein shall be applicable, with the laws of the Republic of Turkey to be applicable in the absence of any such provisions. Central Courts and Execution Offices of Istanbul shall have jurisdiction in all disputes arising from the execution of these Terms.
19 - In case of any force majeure event, We shall not be responsible for late or deficient performance of its activities specified in these Terms or failure to perform such activities. Including but not limited to acts of gods, wars, mobilizations, fires, strikes, lockouts, problems arising from infrastructure, power cut and adverse weather conditions and similar reasons beyond the reasonable control of the Parties shall be interpreted as force majeure. Performances of the Parties shall be suspended throughout the period of the force majeure event.
20 - In the event that any provisions these Terms are deemed invalid or inapplicable by a competent court or authority, such provision shall be substituted with a new provision which reflects the purpose of these Terms.
21 - We shall be entitled to amend these Terms and the Privacy Policy which is an annex to these Terms, and other conditions published on the Software at any time unilaterally. The User shall be responsible for monitoring such documents on a regular basis.
22 - You may not assign your rights under these Terms without our prior written permission and any attempt by you to do so shall be void. We may assign our rights and duties under these Terms to any party at any time without notice to you.

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